Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Quick & Reliable Garage Door Repair Services in Coon Rapids

It is our core goal to help the owners of automatic garage doors in every way possible. As part of our effort to achieve it, we have created a special web page for customer testimonials. Here you will learn about the experiences of our clients with our services and what they think about their quality.

Qualified garage door technicians

"I wanted to have a new garage door receiver installed for my opener so that I could use my phone to open the door instead of a remote, because I kept on losing them. So after some searching for suitable companies, I contacted Garage Door Repair Coon Rapids  to see if they could help me out. They sent a helpful technician around who showed me my many choices of manufacturers to go with. After lots of consideration I picked the one I wanted and the technician got to work installing it really quickly. I was very happy with their service."

Repaired my opener perfectly

"For a long time my screw drive opener seemed to have a problem, it just didn’t seem to have enough power to get the door open, which was very annoying. Eventually I got the number of  Garage Door Repair in Coon Rapids  and asked if they could come and have a look at it for me. They sent a technician to my house. He spotted the problem in no time and got to work maintaining it. It didn’t take very long for the job to be done, and since then I haven’t had a single problem and the door works perfectly!"

Doctors of Garage Door Openers

"I'm usually pretty handy, but I have to admit I don't know the first thing about electronics. So, when my Chamberlain garage door opener decided he's not going to work, I called this company up for assistance. They were really professional with the whole thing. They assessed the situation and diagnosed the problem and performed the necessary repairs to make things work again. I am now convinced that this company is the one to call if you ever need a garage door opener repair."

- Vince Middleton

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